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Fancy Girl By Jasen Sousa Now Available On Every Major E-Reader Book Store

Fancy Girl

by Jasen Sousa

Description: Fancy Girl by Jasen Sousa is a novel in poems which tells the coming of age story of Deanna Keight, a teenage single mom who is struggling to raise her daughter Madelyn inside of the Mystic Housing Developments in Somerville, Massachusetts. Deanna is a brash, but capable teen who is stuck at a point in her life where she doesn't know how to escape the world she has found herself living inside of. Deanna is a female Ponyboy, and Fancy Girl is a modern day version of The Outsiders, and is written in the same successful style as Jacqueline Woodson's Locomotion, and Patricia McCormick's Sold.

Jasen has sold thousands of his books throughout the United States. He
frequently travels across the country making guest appearances at book shows, high schools and colleges to talk about his life, his writing and future visions he has for his company, J-Rock Publishing. Jasen graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a Bachelor's Degree in Writing, Literature and Publishing, and just recently graduated from Pine Manor College where he attained his MFA in Creative Writing.

Jasen Sousa puts the Company on his Back

Jasen Sousa puts the Company on his Back
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Jasen Sousa, a Somerville native whose novel in poems, Fancy Girl, will be published in September by his own imprint, J-Rock Publishing, fell into the role of writer unintentionally. He’d pass along stories to friends in juvenile detention centers and mental hospitals as a way of keeping them in tune to the outside world. “I used to bring them little wraps of writings of things that were going on in the neighborhood,” he said. The recipients were grateful and repaid him with compliments and encouragement to continue writing. “As I did more research I noticed a lack of urban literature out there.” Thus, a void he sought to fill. Fancy Girl deals with the livelihood of Deanna Keight, a teenager, as she turns to prostitution in a wholehearted attempt to save money for her and her daughter. She is driven by the choking desire to leave Somerville and the characters of her life behind. There is no holding back. Sousa keeps the story believable and is able to spool out compassion from moments of degradation. For him, writing in the voice of a female call girl provided the biggest challenge, but was offset by being the biggest reward. “Their life is tough to most people,” he said of his protagonist. “[I was] trying to be authentic and accurate as possible, tell their type of story, what they go through on a daily basis and how they do what they have to in order to keep their family together.” Deanna walks the tightrope of single-parenthood, leaving her daughter in the care of Johnny J, who may still harbor some past love for her, while she scuffles in bedrooms all over. Meanwhile, Machinegun Mike, the father of Deanna’s daughter, is about to be let free from jail. As her corrosive journey shifts, the people in her life uncoil right along with her. The reader travels along in the girl’s mind, experiencing bouts with doubt, humiliation, self-righteousness, misguided love and triumph. Sousa succeeds tremendously at bringing this more-common-than-you-might-think tale come to life. Fancy Girl has been available as an ebook through Sousa’s own website and since July. Come September it will be available in print form from J-Rock Publishing, the company Sousa started with the purpose of providing a platform for urban youth to stretch their literary desires. At age 17 tragedy put a dent in Sousa’s life when a close friend died from a drug overdose. “I felt that if he had an outlet to tell what he was going through then maybe he wouldn’t have come to that outcome,” he said. The loss helped Sousa to push J-Rock, which he’d start a few years later while still a teenager, into existence. He sensed a lack of opportunity within the city for kids beyond high school, especially within the arts. “I wanted to create this small publishing house just to give kids an opportunity in a field they would normally be shut out of,” he said. “The whole point was to build this literature for urban teenage readers [and] to create this environment that urban kids from everywhere can relate to.” Sousa looks to employ anyone with a solid interest in the market at J-Rock. “Even if you weren’t necessarily interested in writing you could do graphic design, photography for book covers, marketing. You could get experience in all these areas.” All work is done on a contract basis. Interested applicants need only email Sousa through his website. When sitting down to pen Fancy Girl, Sousa asked himself an important question: “How can myself, as someone who writes for teenagers, create a product that would get them interested in reading when they come from a family history where books are not in the household?” One answer was to feed them the story, line by line, in poem form, an idea he got while at Pine Manor College, where he earned his MFA in Creative Writing. He also has a Bachelor’s Degree from Emerson College. “Teenagers are more receptive to things that are fast. I wanted [Fancy Girl] to be hard-hitting, easy to read for a teenage audience and something to introduce kids to books.” The book consists of brief one or two page poems, each one carrying the story along, each one a story in itself, and is divided by chapters. Often when a teenager is folded up into a book these days, it’s the otherworldly Twilight series or Harry Potter books, Sousa said. With Fancy Girl he wanted to provide a realistic story that kids in urban areas could relate too. They won’t know what hit them.

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Poems by Francesca Zimmerman

Love Poem

My friend, my friend, my cute charming friend.
Boy I think you should be mine.
Your eyes glisten brown.
I smile when you’re around.
You really brighten my day.
Your cute Irish charm and Italian like me.
Boy I think you drive me crazy.
Your smile so big, makes me want to sing.
My heart makes a deep monotone ring.
All the times we’ve spent together, I cherish every minute.
I wish you never made me cry.
Deep inside I want to die.
You’re with her and not with me.
You never gave me a chance.
After everything that happened between you and I.
Every day I want to cry.


Orange hot flames fill up the air.
Mobs and violence fill up the streets.
Weapons like guns or knives fill people’s hands.
Running the town looking for victims.
Why does everything lead to violence?
People choose to make it that way.
To feel more powerful as they win their fight.
They walk away while the other feels shame.
With blood dripping down there face.
Laying on the ground hurt and in fear.
Does the winner feel proud?
What is he or she trying to prove?
Absolutely nothing!
People running a mockery terrorizing streets.
Throwing flaming bottles at buildings and braking windows.
Hitting others it’s just insane.
Gangs gather up with their muscles and tattoos.
Destroy things without a care.
As I look back on this.
I feel sadness and depression.
Thinking how all these people must feel.
There must be reason why people act this way towards others.
Not just because they think its fun or it will make them cool.
People should think more about their actions because the world doesn’t need any more of what it already has.

#1 Gym Teacher

Mr. A, The one we all loved, may he rest in peace.
For those who know him may he rest in our hearts for all eternity.
For many years he has been the best he could ever be.
He was loved by so many kids.
The best gym teacher he could ever be so nice and caring to all.
We should cherish the moments of him being in our lives.
We should never forget those days.
Those long school hours just waiting for gym.
To play and run around like crazy. Every day he would always smile.
He cared about every boy and girl.
He loved all his students and we all loved him too.
Long live Mr. A.

Puppy Love

You’re the one that I love most; you’re the one I care for.
The freckles on your face are cute, I cannot help but stare.
Your smile brings me joy, when your mean it brings a tear.
You’re the one I dream about whenever you’re not there.
I think about you all the time, you never leave my mind.
Your laugh makes me warm inside, but your hugs are so divine.
I never want to leave your arms.
Your hugs make me feel safe.
I love no other, other you.
You make my heart race.
My feelings will never change for you, you mean a lot to me.
I love you until the day I die, until I rest in peace.

Too Good To Be True

My heart for thee runs in a beat.
That plays by the sound of drums.
My heart burns with warmth that is warmer than the sun.
In my mind I wish we were one.
Your eyes shine with a beautiful shade of blue.
When you smile at me I smile back at you.
You make my day no matter what mood I’m in.
Even when the night is dim.
So talented and cute I don’t care what they say.
I like you for who you are and my opinion will never change.
You’re funny and sweet not afraid to open up.
I never thought I would get this kind of luck.
I’ve waited this day where have you been all my life?
I’m waiting for that day when the moment is right.

Slow Pain

Picking up the sharp silver blade.
Looking at myself in the reflection.
My arm lies dead on the table.
Each line of torn skin bleeds of red.
Black teardrops from my mascara and eyeliner run down my face.
The room is quiet.
Only hearing the sound of my breathing.
My hand shaking, dropping the blade on the table.
As it hits the glass table with a high pitch echoing tone.
My eyes widen with anger and sadness.
Flashbacks of old memories fill my head.
Pain fills up my chest more than it does in my arm.
As I stand up I stumble to the floor and just lay there.
Blood remains to fill the floor as I just lay there with my eyes wide open.
Puddles of tears and blood drip over the clean wooden floor.
My body trembles as I shut my eyes.
Everything is dark and the atmosphere stays still.
My head lying on my wounded arm allowing it to remain as it is.
I stay there still and numb sleeping for the rest of the cold dreadful night.


I see you over there talking to your friends.
I see that big happy smile on your face.
As I look at your beautiful big eyes and those cute dimples on your cheeks.
Yet here I am *sigh*.
Standing there with a gloomy frown on my face.
As I look down I see my shadow copying my every move.
Then I see her come over to you.
With her long luscious hair and big bright smile.
Her thin toned body and big breast upon her chest.
So pretty and popular, but looking at me.
I don’t have what she has.
She comes to you and kisses your cheek.
My gut drops a bit and a small pinch hits my chest.
As she falls all over you I just stand there.
She looks at me with a smile that says “You wish you were me” I turned around and walked away in complete silence.

My Town

My town, filled with different types of people.
My town, full of whores and prostitutes.
My town has fun and wonderful homosexuals.
My town, with the great amount of fake untrustworthy people.
My town, there are different religions and beliefs.
My town, my town has all types of people and together they create my town.

Friend or Fake?

Looking at them just hurts inside.
Watching her act like that makes me want to cry.
I thought we were friends and yet you did it again.
You said you’d back off but you go ahead and do it anyways.
You knew how I felt you heard what I say, but it doesn’t matter enough for you to care.
I told you the first day I met him my life changed.
I told you how he wasn’t like anyone I ever met, but he likes you.
What a surprise that gives you the opportunity to not care about my feelings and fall all over him.
We are best friends who wouldn’t double cross each other.
Yet I see you and him, in front of my face.
Smiling, flirting, you’re laying on his side, and I’m here just standing here.
Looking at you and you don’t even care.
When I’m happy or in a good mood I see that picture.
No you both are not together but that picture.
That picture just ruins my whole day and reminds me how I can’t stand my life.

Real Friends

Friends should be real friends.
Friends should not be fake to you.
Friends would not hurt you.


You’ve made me cry once more.
What else does my life have in store?
These emotions I have are strong.
Why can’t these feelings move on?
Those words you said made me feel so sad.
I wish there was something that we had.
We are just friends it’s always the same.
In my chest I feel great pain.
My eyes tear up, my face turns red, so many thoughts roaming in my head.
I’ll find another someday in my life.
I’m moving on till I find someone right.


Staples, staples in the air.
People throwing them everywhere.
Kids are laughing with fun and joy, even though they are no toy.
They can hurt when they hit your skin.
Until they are gone nobody wins.
Staples flying oh so high, be careful it don’t hit your eye.

Desperate Times

What was I thinking?
I was a fool, to ever think I’d fall for you.
I just wanted a guy who wasn’t a jerk.
So I asked you out because I knew it would work.
On January seventeenth that was the day.
When we first hooked up on my friend’s birthday.
It was a month and a few days when things fell apart.
That is when the fighting starts.
As days go by look where we ended up.
We are no longer friends and hate each other’s guts.
Now we can’t talk for who knows how long.
I wonder what will happen when things become more wrong.
We are stuck together in high school; we both have the same class.
One of us will start to fight and I know the other will fight back.
The war between us just won’t stop.
It was all a huge mistake.
I should have never taken that chance because of all that hate we make.

Day by Day

Day by day I’m thinking of you.
Wishing that I could be with you.
Hoping that you like me back.
They way I feel is something I can’t express.
So many words that describe who you are.
Dreaming of you every night and day thinking about us being together.
Why can’t I take you off my mind?
Could you be “the one” as most people usually say or am I getting in over my head?
Do I know everything I could ever know about you?
Of course not, there are probably tons of things I don’t know about you that I’m just dying to know.
You are so unique in my eyes like one of a kind.
In my mind you creep through my dreams.
Day by day I think of you, wishing I had you, dreaming about you, wanted you, but I won’t know if I will ever have you.
Waiting is the only thing to do if I don’t have you that I don’t have you.
If you want me like I want you the hopefully that day will come for when I get that chance to be your girl.

Love Sick Dream

When we kiss the sparks start to fly.
When our eyes meet the negative dies.
The happiness flows deep in my soul.
I would never want to let you go.
When we cuddle or flirt it’s like puppy love.
No it is deeper loves hidden below.
When you smile or laugh my smile grows big.
My heart beats fast with a monotone ring.
The glisten in your eyes put me in a trance.
I dream about you wishing you’d give me a chance.
If I would then I could be with you all day.
And all the bad things would just float away.
Who cares what they think don’t listen to them.
They try to kill spirits and make peoples happiness dead.
It is all about you your opinion matters most.
I don’t understand why we had to take a poll.
You said you would but others are in the way.
They stop you by gossip and killing the day.
If they tease or torture you it’s only cause one reason.
They don’t want us together cause they hate me with a passion.

What’s wrong With the World?

What is with this world?
What is with these schools?
Violence and fighting everywhere, bullying and teasing fill the air.
Tears and depression fill people’s hearts.
Love and breakups tare people apart.
The world and schools are completely the same, they only cause pain and have stupid little gangs.
Picking on others to feel more powerful when it’s only because they have no life.
People caring about what other people think.
Because they will be scarred for life.
What is with kids having all this sex?
Giving orals to other it’s just a mess.
Girls always jumping from guy to guy, and boys only want to unzip their flies.
Starting fights to look like their boss.
You’re not even cool so how bout you stop.
Drugs, fights, and drinking all day.
Smoking weed just put it away!
Trying to fit in is all people want.
Being an individual is the way to be taught.
Don’t try to be something you’re not just be yourself cause being yourself can say a lot.

Empty Mind

My mind is a complete blank.
All I can hear is air running through my head.
The sound of my voice repeating what I write is the only thing I can think of.
No pictures, no songs, no image, just a dark empty blank.
No feelings are running through my body, except one little spot.
That spot remains in my heart.
Only thing is I don’t know what that feeling is.
As I think about that feeling.
An image of him appears in my head.
His big warming smile and his glistening brown eyes.
So clear I can see my own reflection.
I appear in my head right beside him.
Looking deep into his eyes with a big smile on my face.
All of a sudden so many things running through my head.
We are both together all alone with no one around.
The thought of him just makes me smile.
Putting my arms around his neck and his around my waist, with a beautiful sunset background and us together on a grassy field.
Surprised how fast my mind can go from a dark empty hole to a beautiful dream.
Sometimes it’s almost like a fairytale, only fairytales are not real.
Both so happy together just gazing deeply at each other.
Leaning forward into a warm comforting hug.
I feel like I never want to let go of him.
He makes me feel so safe when I am with him.
Not thinking about all the goofiness he causes but the gentle comforting side of him.
That is the side of him I really love.
That is the guy I don’t ever want to stop loving.


I hate when we always fight.
Our friendship use to be really tight.
We trusted each other with our life.
Now look at us all we do is fight.
Braking up ruined the friendship.
After we promised it wouldn’t.

One Wish

Over the stupidest things.
I really think we shouldn’t.
I cherish the days being with you.
We lasted for a month.
A month that I will never forget being with whom I thought I loved.
I guess I was wrong I’m only fourteen.
What am I suppose to do. No longer together wouldn’t last forever.
Take a look at us now. We do nothing but fight with all our might.
I wish that it would stop.
For every star I see at night.
I look for one with the brightest light.
To pray upon and cast a wish.
I hear the entire crickets hiss.
I wish for us to be as one.
I wish that wish could be done.
Wishes for me just never come true.
So what’s the point wishing to be with you?
I go to sleep and rest my head, and realize reality is what I dread.

Keep On Dreaming

Every night when I close my eyes,
I see a vision of you rise.
You and me together in my dream.
What could this possibly mean?
It means I like you can’t you see?
I wish that you could be with me.
When I see you my heart skips a beat.
I hope you know I would never cheat.
I like you to much to like someone else.
Being near you just makes me melt.
You make me smile, you make me laugh, and my heart is not longer broken in half.
Every day I shall always pray that you will be with me one day.

I Love You

I just sit there … alone …
Sitting there in the dark lifeless room.
The room grows cold and lonely.
All I can hear is the rain from outside the window.
Little drops of rain one by one hit the window.
I still sit there …
Listening …
Can’t see anything in the pitch black room until the lightning strikes through the window and it brightens up the room for a few minor seconds.
I think to myself as the thunder roars with power.
As I think to myself the only thing that comes to mind is …
I Love You

Wanting You

I look at my background thinking of you.
Wishing that all my dreams would come true.
Thinking of the day of me being with you.
With you I can see right through, to you I see what I’ve been searching for.
The guy I dream about not wanting anything more.
The sound of you voice runs through my head.
I can’t find no other guy I want you instead.
I want to be the one being held in your arms.
To feel like I’m safe and there will be no harm.
I think, I dream, I wish every day.
That I will be yours and will be there to stay.


The nights are cold,
As the day gets old.
You left the house.
And all I felt,
Was pain in my heart.
The family fell apart.
Your clothes are gone.
I can’t remain strong.
I miss you dad,
And now mommy is sad.
Now you are gone.
I hope it is not for long.
I cry of the thought,
Of everything gone.
I loved you so much.
Our bondage was strong.
I love you dad,
But now I’m sad.
Because now you are gone.
Now everything gone bad.

Controlling Boss

She controls the house.
She controls my life.
She controls everything that she can in life.
She always thinks she’s right.
She always gets into fights,
With my father all the time and it’s not right.
Trying to kick him out of the house.
I’m being quiet as a mouse.
I hear them scream and yell.
I hear every word they tell.
It’s causing me more stress.
Now I’m nothing but a mess.
I can’t take it no more.
I don’t want to hear that door.
I don’t want him to leave.
I can’t even big please.
She’s the controlling boss.
Now my life is nothing but a loss.
This is complete chaos.

Remember the Old Days

Remember those days when you didn’t have to worry?
When you were a baby and didn’t have to hurry,
From getting place to place and didn’t care about growing up so fast?
The days when your parents loved you and that love would always last,
But as you grew up they started to fight.
As you sit in your room crying with fright.
Didn’t worry about loving boys, dealing with bullying and drama.
The only person you loved was your sweet loving mama.
No homework or school, just playing all day.
Moving in diapers sleeping the day away.
Remember the days when you were called adorable and cute,
But now you’re insulted and people say you make them puke.
Those days as a baby happy all the time.
Well those days are over and you do nothing but cry.

The Thought of You

You make me smile,
You bring me joy,
But just remember my heart’s no toy.
Your smile’s so cute,
Your hair’s so cool,
You’re so hot you would evaporate a pool.
Every night when I sleep.
I dream about you.
Thinking about it just being us two,
Dreaming about me being with you,
And our relationship had only grew.


Quiet as a mouse.
Isolating everything around me.
Hiding from all the terrifying things I see.
Drowning in my tears of sorrow.
Sitting in puddle of red.
Waiting for my body to collapse.
Lying on the floor dead.


Soon one day I’m sure you’ll see.
How evil I can be. I’ll make a little bet with you.
That you will never make it through.
I’m a friend and I’m a foe.
Until you find out you will never know.
Be on my good side and be a friend, Or be on my bad side and you’ll be dead.
Your life will be nothing but living hell.
That’s if you cross the line.
Why do I bother to waste my time?
To tell you this evil rhyme.
Listen up and I’ll make it clear.
Don’t you back talk me!
I’m the bitch that you will see.
Every night when I haunt your dreams

The Pain

The hurt, the pain.
The tears, the rain.
The screams of mercy.
The blood on his face.
His fist flying forward,
Like a car in a race.
He falls to the ground.
His body is all sore.
Each part is pulsing.
Some skin gets torn.
He got what he deserved.
As everyone observed.


Giant puddles everywhere.
Water flying in the air.
Cars driving fast not caring who they hit.
As long as they get to where they need to get.
People on the streets all soaking wet.
Yelling at drivers and throwing a fit.
The sound of the rain as it hits the ground.
Pouring down fast making really loud sounds.

Little Monsters

Hot days and cool nights.
That’s when the monsters come out at night.
The play and dance and jump all around.
Running amuck and destroying the town.
The kids wake up and join in the game.
The monsters and children all run and play.
The moon in the sky shines brighter than any star.
It was the best night of many nights any kid had by far.
As the moon goes down the sun comes up.
The monsters and kids went to bed.
The sun rise comes and the day is done.
The monsters will soon come again.

What Do You See?

When you look at me what do you see?
Do you see a Demon inside of me?
When you think about me what does that mean?
Do you ever dream of it just being you and me?
I am doing nothing, but being a teen.
When I see you I see a halo and wings.
When you talk I can hear the angels sing.
When I see you my heart pounds with deep rings.
I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.
I want a man with heart and soul.
I want a man that I can hold.
I want a man that can do what was told.
What can any type of man behold?
What will my life have in store?
The more I grow up my life will mean much more.


In the night you hear a scream,
From a young little girl with a terrible dream.
Can’t wake up from a horrible night,
So she’s stuck in a sleep with a fright.
Tossing and turning, back and forth.
What did the dream mean?
What was it worth?
Dreaming Prince Charming walked out of her life.
She rather be dead and get stabbed with a knife.
But sadly for her she was left there to dream.
In her dream she sat there to do nothing but scream.
Watching her love as he broke her heart.
Wishing they never would have been apart.


Slowly as the day goes by, I stop, sit, and I think then I cry.
I look back on the memories I treasured more.
Thinking about the one who opened the door.
The door to my heart because he had the key.
Then he walked away and left it open to bleed.
Now I sit here alone to do nothing but grieve.
My feelings for you just won’t leave.
I sit here and sob as the tears hit the floor.
You are the one I desire and nothing more.
Writing my pain down to remember the past.
To remember how I felt after the love didn’t last.

Bully or Victim

Drama and gossip everywhere.
Ignorant kids fill up the air.
Wasting the oxygen to tell there lies.
The bullying in school is no surprise.
Nobody knows what goes through their minds.
Nobody knows how they feel deep inside.
If they’re angry, jealous, or do it for fun.
Everyone still wants the bullying to be done.
Look at yourself and what do you see?
A bully or victim, which one would you be?

Scary Dream

Tossing and turning back and forth.
Dreaming of how much you made my life worth.
My mind pitch black and screams fill my head.
The nightmares begin and I’m wishing I was dead.
The thought of you leaving, walking out the door.
I wanted to wake up I couldn’t take it anymore.
I cry in my dream and I cry in real life.
Right now I wish I got stabbed with a knife.
Unable to wake up from my terrible sleep.
What other nightmares are yet to creep.
Wake up! Wake up! I scream in my mind.
I don’t want to lose him. I don’t want to cry.
I don’t want us to separate.
I don’t want us apart.
I can’t stop to think of how much you fill my heart.
Please let me wake up from this horrible dream.
I can’t stand to think of everyone being so mean.
Don’t listen to what they say it’s your opinion that matters most.
If you like me that much then let’s take a toast.
A toast to be together.

Burning Passion

Soft kisses upon my lips.
Gentle hands upon my cheeks.
Gazing in your eyes with burning passion.
Both of us smiling with such attraction.
Soft skin touching with tender feeling.
We both are thieves, but our hearts are worth stealing.
Light kisses everywhere as the sky grows dim.
The stars come out and it’s time to play.
A game of passion, love, and pain.

Baby Boy

I look in your eyes and what do I see?
I see you together with me.
When I see you smile you glow with joy.
I hope you never leave me boy
You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me feel special in a way I never have.
In my dreams I have every night.
You are the angel that shines so bright.
Nobody knows what the future will hold.
But boy I sure hope I don’t love you at all.

Rude Boy

Eyes if brown, heart of ice.
All this time I thought you were nice.
I guess I was wrong, I was foolish and dumb.
To realize you were just a bum.
You don’t care how you year girls.
You make me sick and want to hurl.
Die on hole you worthless boy.
You treated my heart like it was a toy.
I hope something terrible happens to you one day.
You used me, you played me, I hate you Ray.

Don’t Be Afraid

Light it up, fill the air.
Take a drag, don’t be scared.
Feel the lightness, taste the smoke.
Just be careful try not to choke.
Hide the pain, hide the tears.
Try not to cry, try not to fear.
It can take you to a whole new place, where no one can hurt you and you can have your space.

What Went Wrong?

Where did I go wrong?
I lost a friend.
No one knew what could have happened in the end.
I always mess up and things never go right.
Everything always ends up in a fight.
I lost you completely and now you’re gone.
My heart is too weak in order to stay strong.
At this point what do I do?
Sit back and wait for more drama to come through?
I need to stay strong and keep my head high,
But nothing works no matter how hard I try.
Waiting for the day when hope comes my way.
The day where I can finally say “I’m Okay.”

All Alone

Lying down in my bed, no one’s here but me.
Every time I close my eyes I have a terrible dream.
Flashbacks of the past when it was just me and you.
In the end you became a man I never thought I knew.
You were not who I thought you were, you are just a terrible boy.
You ruined my life and broke my heart as if it were a toy.
From days to weeks and weeks to months I still shed a tear.
After the way you treated me I still wished you were here.
Look what you did to me.
Do you even care?
Looking at you is even too hard to bear.
Why do I give you the satisfaction when all you give me is pain?
Because of you I’m crazy now; I am now no longer sane.
I lost my mind because of you and now I’m having dreams.
Tons of Flashbacks from when we were a couple that makes me want to scream.
It’s no longer a fantasy only a nightmare, which I can’t escape from.
My heart keeps beating faster and faster like a sound of a drum.
Can’t eat, can’t sleep, and can’t have any fun.
I am completely broken now.
I am no longer who I use to be.
I’m trapped in a box trying to get free.

Go To Sleep

Close your eyes and go to sleep.
Leave your dreams to wonder and creep.
No one knows what’s on your mind.
Maybe it’s someone you left behind.
Maybe your thinking about the one you care for.
Take us through your mind and show us a tour.
Is it crazy, scary, fun, or wild?
Or maybe you’re dreaming of you as a child.
Sleep well my child sweet dreams and sleep tight.
Have a goodnight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Save Me

Alone in the dark I cry with might.
My heart can no longer put up the fight.
My mind screams of terror.
My brain can’t stand the sound.
I’m ready to leave and run out of town.
I’m just a teenager what can I do?
To finally be over it and be done with you?
Looking at you brings me so much pain.
Thinking of you makes me so insane.
Someone please save me from the hurt,
Before I end up in the dirt.

All Alone

Staring him in the eyes of death.
A chill has filled my soul.
Why must the one I love have a heart so cold.
Not a care in a world of what you have done.
I’m left in the shadows thinking you were the one.
Nothing but thoughts of how we use to be.
I gave you my heart and you let it run free.
Not giving back, but you broke it in half.
Now I see you with her as you both share a laugh.
Kisses on the lips and together every day.
As I’m here all alone waiting to be okay.
To be done with you is all I ask.
Now I’m left with the thoughts of us from the past.
You’re happy and I’m sad.
You’re up and I’m down.
I will never forgive you for throwing my heart around.


Just for fact he won’t want me back.
My personality skills terribly lack.
There is nothing good to see in me.
Nothing that anyone would even want to dream.
To negative for anyone to want.
I have nothing to flaunt.
I always doubt and bring me down.
Never a smile and always a frown.
He will never want me back.

Dancing Emotion

There’s a fire starting in my heart.
That fires freeing the dark.
Evil flowing through my veins.
Sad agonizing feelings when it rains.
Terror when I close my eyes.
My anger and power starts to rise.
Danger when you get to close.
Hatred’s what I feel the most.
Every time it starts to rain,
That’s when I feel the pain.

Soft Night

Warm cool breeze hits my face,
Birds singing in the trees,
A quiet park filled with just me.
Its night, but not dark.
The streets are quiet.
The sound I here are the birds
And my inner thoughts.
My inner thoughts tell me…


Paranoid in the night,
Scared of what could happen.
To many sounds surround me at once.
Footsteps from different directions,
Every five minutes not knowing who.
Not caring what I do,
I just sit here.
I continue to write.
I just can’t stop.


I feel so lonely,
But I don’t want a partner.
I want to be happy,
But I feel a block.
Why do I feel empty?
When I do nothing wrong?
Why do I feel so empty?
Will this feeling last for long?

I’m Just Me

I’m unpredictable, misunderstood.
I don’t even know why I don’t act the way I should.
No one gets me, not even I,
Get myself even if I try.

Special Someone

Everybody’s looking for that something,
That makes them feel complete.
It can be found in anyone or thing;
And when you find that special thing,
You’re flying without wings.
In any shape or form,
You won’t be left torn.
You’ll find that special thing,
You’re flying without wings.

What it Takes

It only takes two legs to move your feet.
It only takes rhythm to feel a beat.
It takes a heart to love your passion,
And a dream to think big:
But what it mainly takes is a brain,
To make that dream come true.

Internet Obsession

Internet sensation,
Sweeping the nation.
Frying minds,
Of the people in our time.
The internet rhyme,
States a crime.
The popularity of the internet,
Has crossed the line.

Beautiful Darkness

Beautiful weather on a dark quiet night.
Beautiful scenery due to the street light.
My shadow copying my every move.
The trees dancing to a groove.
I sit here drowned in my thoughts.

Bloody Beast

Blood dripping down pearly white fangs.
Yellow beating eyes staring at its next pray.
It growls, it pounces, it kills…
More blood drips, but the creature,
Is still not satisfied.

Your choice

You choose your own path.
To live life the way you want.
Just believe in you.

One Rose

One beautiful rose.
Dancing in the bright green grass.
Moving with the wind.

Sunny Day

The sun is out, the weathers hot.
Should I go the park?
Sure, why not?
Now I feel like I’m in a pot.
Boiling water known as sweat,
Makes my body gross and wet.

Differently Similar

Girl girls care about hair.
They care about fashion and what they wear.
Tom boy’s love sports and chilling with guys,
Getting down and dirty without having to try.
Two types of genres, but both still a girl.
Everyone is an individual in this world.

Deathly Secrets

It’s like a bug creeping up my throat,
Trying to make me choke.
Refusing me to swallow it down.
I can hear my heart make a thumping sound.
As I’m taking my last breath,
I’m falling to my death.


I see you in sight.
Yet I feel hatred for you.
Wishing you had died.

Mixed Temperature

A cool breeze hits me.
Yet fires flowing through my veins,
And sweat wets my skin.

Zombie Attack

Blood all on my skin,
The Zombie March has started.
Prepare for your death.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The J-Rock Ride

The J-Rock Ride

J-Rock Mission Statement

J-Rock Publishing's mission is to encourage, and empower reading, writing, and literacy skills among urban youth. J-Rock was built as a company to give young people experience in the areas of printing, publishing, graphic design, photography, editing and writing. By giving young people a hands on approach to an industry that would otherwise never give them a chance, they are able to produce book products that get young people their own age excited about reading. Books and writing are extremely valuable tools that young people need to possess, and J-Rock believes the only way young people, especially young people from urban environments will ever develop a love for literature, is if they are directly involved in the book making process, and if they are writing the material people their own age are reading.